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Title Free pneumococcal vaccination for seniors with 65 years old(born in 1954)
Author admin
Date 2019-03-20 16:28:38.0 Views 209
Content The public health center is providing free pneumococcal vaccination which is effective in preventing pneumococcal infection that has high mortality and disease incidence in the elderly.

□ Subject : Seniors who were born in 1954
※ Excludes people who received 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine within past 5 years
□ Period : All year round (Mon~Fri 09:00~17:00)
□ Location : Vaccination room in health clinics(all nationwide health clinics are applicable)
※Inoculation may not be possible when the vaccine is exhausted.
□ Requirement : Identification card
□ Cost : Free
□ Inquiry : Dongan-gu health office ☎ 031-8045-4400,4861
Manan-gu health office ☎ 031-8045-3079,3039

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