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Title Operation of Happy Bus for culture ‧ experience trips for people with disability
Author admin
Date 2019-03-20 16:28:23.0 Views 219
Content We operate happy buses for various cultural and experience trips to people with disabilities who relatively have restricted transportation and limited cultural leisure opportunities.

□ Application period : March 2019~
□ Support subjects
- People with disability group located(resides) in Anyang city, welfare center for the disabled, home self-help group of disabled people (more than 15 persons including more than 5 persons with disabilities)
□ Support details
- Free rental of large-sized bus, fuel costs, expressway tolls, parking fees
- Admission fees, accident insurance premiums, travel expenses are self funded
□ Support vehicle
- Gwanak Welfare Center for Disabled : 39-seater large-sized bus (lift mounted/2 wheelchair seats)
- Suri Welfare Center for Disabled : 45-seater large-sized bus (lift not mounted)
□ Application method
- Applicable to cultural/experience trips only. Car rental should be applied in writing, 2 months prior to the project to the Welfare Center for the Disabled (advance reservation system, day trip support principle)

①Advance application: Apply 2 months prior
②Document screening and selection: Welfare center selected around every 5th
③Project notification: Notify via web site on every 10th or individual notification
④Happy bus operation: Culture and experience activity field trip program
⑤Result report and project evaluation:
Performance review within 7 days of project completion (Quartely)

□ Inquiry
- Senior &Person with Disability Division ☎ 031-8045-5510
- Gwanak Welfare Center for Disabled (Manan-gu Gyeongsudae-ro 1132) ☎ 031-472-7774
- Suri Welfare Center for Disabled (Manan-gu Naengcheon-ro 39) ☎ 031-465-0950

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