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Title Recruiting Senior Citizen Centers Participation for Green Narae
Author admin
Date 2019-02-28 14:51:50.0 Views 146
Content “Green Narae” project is a Anyang city’s visiting lifelong education project that provide useful education such as health, family, well-dying, and others in an interesting way to seniors for fruitful senior life.

□ Education schedule : 2019 Apr. ~Nov. (Mon~Fri) once a week, 2 hours a day, total of 6 visits
* Schedule will be determined based on senior citizen center’s application within the period.
□ Recruitment subjects : 70 places including senior citizen centers (also includes senior university, welfare center, and etc.)
* Not limited to senior citizen centers. Place where people can gather regularly can apply.
□ Education : provided by visit of Anyang city’s senior education instructor(3 people 1 team)
□ Application method : first-come-first-served basis (phone and fax, visit)
☎ 031) 8045-6015~17 / Fax 031) 8045-6019

□ Education details
Day1 (2hours), Day2 (2hours): Healthy long life (health)
Day3 (2hours): Harmonious life through conversation (family, friend)
Day4 (2hours): Meaningful life through work (work)
Day5 (2hours): Preparing life (well-dying education)Ⅰ. forgiveness and reconciliation, inheritance tax
Day6 (2hours): Preparing life (well-dying education) Ⅱ. life-sustaining treatment(advance medical directives), and etc.

Provided with role play, lecture, cooperative game, recreation, keep-fit class, right posture, meditation, traditional play, song, art therapy, and etc.

□ Inquiry : Lifelong Education Dept ☎ 031-8045-6015

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