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Title Notice about Kimjang waste discharge for the winter 2018
Author admin
Date 2018-11-29 10:18:36.0 Views 124
Content The use of general weighing bag (50ℓ) only for kimjang garbage (cabbage, radish skin and leaves) is permitted for a limited time

□ Dates : 2018. Nov. 12(Mon) ~ Dec. 10(Mon)

* Discharge Items
- garlic stems, scallions, onion roots and skins
- gunnysacks, strings, onion packing nets, etc.

* Discharge Method
- Discharge them packed in general weighing bag (white)

* Discharge Items
- Food waste produced in the process of kimjang, such as prepping the materials, wash and salt down them(cabbage, radish skin and leaves)

* Discharge Method
[in case of 40 litter or less]
- Discharge them packed in 20 litter weighing bag (yellow)
[in case of more than 40 litter]
- Discharge in 50 litter general weighing bag. For the rest over 50 litter, pack them in food waste bag and leave it in the food waste garbage can or next to the can
- Cut the kimjang waste into pieces smaller than 15㎝

□ Note
- After December 10, discharge kimjang waste in 20ℓ food waste weighing bag
- Do not mix kimjang waste with general garbage
- Use 50ℓ general weighing bag for kimjang waste (100ℓ bag is prohibitted)
※ Kimjang waste discharged in a method other than described above will not be collected. Fine will be imposed if the general gabage is mixed with kimjang waste (food waste)

□ Inquiry : Cleaning Administration Department ☎ 031-8045-2201

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