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Title Recruitment of cooperative start-up (establishment) trainees in the second half of 2018
Author admin
Date 2018-11-02 13:49:24.0 Views 189
Content □ Training Overview
○ Training Period: 2018. 11. 7(Wed) ~ 11. 19(Mon)
(Mon, Wed, Fri. 14:00~17:00, Total 6 classes/18 hours)
○ Class Location : Social Economy Center (Learning Center)
*Agricultural & Marine Products Wholesale Market Susan-dong 2nd floor
○ Training Course: Theory Course
○ Training Target
▸Any resident who is interested in socio-economics
▸Individuals (teams) and groups who are preparing for cooperative start-up (establishment) or conversion, such as baby boomers, young people, small business owners, local self-help, women after career breaks
○ Training Contents: Understanding of cooperative association, cooperative business design modeling by examples and types, networking with employees of cooperative association
○ Fee: Free of charge

□ Enrollment
○ Enrollment Period: 2018. 10. 15(Mon)∼ 10. 31(Wed)
○ Number of Enrollment: 25 or less (closed when filled)
○ How to Enroll
▸ Enrollment Period : 2018. 10. 15(Mon)∼ 10. 31(Wed)
▸ How to Enroll: Visit the office or email(js951217@korea.kr)
▸ Enrollment Document: Application form and Privacy agreement form

□ Inquiry : Economy Policy Department (Social Economy Center) ☎ 031-8045-2337

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