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Title Anyang City 「Local Regulatory Complaints Center」 Operation Guide
Author admin
Date 2018-11-02 13:49:03.0 Views 77
Content We are accepting complaints and reports about regulations that give inconvenience to residents, and unreasonable laws and regulations restricting the economic activities of corporations (small business owners, self-ownership, etc.). If you need to report any matters that need improvement of the regulations and laws (including local government ordinances) that are going on in the field, we will consult with relevant departments and actively make suggestions to the central ministries and make continuous efforts to improve them.

□ Anyang City opens Local Regulatory Complaints Center
○ (Period) Throughout the year
○ (Subject to report)
- Inconvenience caused to residents, market entry, testing, start-ups, jobs, sales channels, and all regulations such as license
- Items requiring amendment of the central ordinance (including local government ordinances)
- What is needed to improve the behavior of public officials, including authoritative interpretation
○ (Report Location) In-person, landline, FAX, email, website
- Visit: Policy Planning Department, Regulatory Reform Team, Anyang CityHall, 2nd floor
- Homepage: Anyang city Hall>Resident participation>Regulation reform119>Local regulatory complaints center
- Email: yuromi75@korea.kr
- Landline:031-8045-2211,2208
- FAX: 031-8045-6504

※ The customer who filed complaint is protected in accordance with 「Anyang City Regulation Report Customer Protection and Service Charter Operation Regulations」.
We also have a 「Regulatory Complaints Center visiting sites personally」 to visit regulated sites when necessary.

□ Inquiry : Policy planning department ☎ 031-8045-2211

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