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Title Operation of visiting service named as “Civic Happiness Counseling Office”
Author admin
Date 2018-09-24 12:32:12.0 Views 129
Content It is a place where residents can receive free counseling service (talent donation) to solve various problems such as law, taxation, construction, real estate, and others.

□4 Steps to solve problems at the 「Civic Happiness Counseling Office」

1. Problem occurs
Target : Anyang residents

2. Visit dong community service welfare center
Operation Period : Second and fourth Mondays of every month
*Friday 14:00∼17:00

3. Consultation with experts
Consultation Contents : Taxation, construction, real estate, military services, legal issues, etc.

4. Solve the problem
Promote to neighbors who have troubles in their lives

□ Operation Schedule

By Date / By Area / Dong / Consultation Location
Jun. 22.(Fri) / Ah Area / Hogye 1,2,3-dong, / Hogye 2-dong Community
Shinchon-dong service welfare center

Jul. 13.(Fri) / Ga Area / Anyang 1,3,4,5,9-dong / Anyang 4-dong Community
service welfare center

Jul. 27.(Fri) / Ma Area / Bisan 1,2,3-dong, / Anyang Public Amenities
Buheung-dong Care Corporation.

8. 10.(Fri) / Na Area / Anyang 6,7,8-dong / Anyang 8-dong Community service welfare center

8. 24.(Fri) / Ba Area / Daran,Gwanyang1,2 / Gwanyang 2-dong Community
Burim-dong service welfare center

9. 14.(Fri) / Da Area / Anyang 2-dong, / Gwanyang 2-dong Community
Bakdal1,2-dong service welfare center

9. 28.(Fri) / Sa Area / Pyeongchon,Pyeongan, / Pyeongan-dong Community
Gwiin,Beomgye,Galsan service welfare center

10. 12.(Fri) / La Area / Seoksu1,2,3-dong / Seoksu3-dong Community service welfare center

10. 26.(Fri) / Ah Area / Hogye 1,2,3, Shinchon / Hogye 3-dong Community service welfare center

11. 9.(Fri) / Ga Area / Anyang 1,3,4,5,9-dong / Anyang 5-dong Community service welfare center

11. 23.(Fri) / Ma Area / Bisan 1,2,3,Buheung / Buheung-dong Community service welfare center

12. 14.(Fri) / Na Area / Anyang 6,7,8-dong / Anyang 6-dong Community service welfare center

12. 28.(Fri) / Ba Area / Daran,Gwanyang1,2, / Burim-dong Community Burim-dong service welfare center

□ Residents can get consultation about following matters.

○ Lawyer•Judicial scrivener : Daily life legal issues, etc.
○ Tax accountant : Consultation about national tax and local tax, etc.
○ Architect : Matters related to construction such as notification of change of list of building materials and notification of construction of temporary building
○ Certified realtor : Matters related to transfer of ownership of real property, auction of the court, buying and leasing accident, etc.
○ Civil and military cooperation : Questions about life in barracks and consultation of children in military service

□ Inquiry : Local Autonomy Department ☎ 031-8045-2201

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