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Title Married Couple’s Day Celebration 「Long Life Award, Multicultural Family Married Couple Award」
Author admin
Date 2018-04-24 11:00:40.0 Views 203
Content □ Award Ceremony
○ Time : Celebration event for Married Couple’s Day, Thursday, May 17, 2018
○ Place : Auditorium at City Hall
○ Awards Category : 2 Married Couples for Long Life Award, 1 Married Couple for Multicultural Family Married Couple Award
○ Prize : Award certificate
○ Conferment : Anyang City Mayor
□ Recommendation & Qualification Criteria ○ Multicultural Family Married Couple Award
▪ Married for 5 years or longer
▪ Committed to happy marriage through understanding different cultures and languages of each other
▪ Contributed to promote positive conceptions about multicultural family
○ Qualification : A couple must be residents of Anyang city for the last 3 years or more up until the date of award ceremony and be recommended by a person who has the right of recommendation
※ People who has the right of recommendation : Head of the main office (department manager), Head of the District, business director, Head of the Dong, Director of City affiliated agencies, Chair of social agencies, Recommendation of more than 20 ordinary citizens (adults over 20 years old) ○ Application period : Tuesday, March 20 ~ Friday, April 20, 2018 ○ Documents to submit : Recommendation letter, Accomplishment Report, Accomplishment summary, Local confirmation and etc. ○ Place to submit application : Department of Family Women, Anyang City Hall ☎031-8045-2485

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