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Title Guide on Vaccination against Rabies for 2018 first half
Author admin
Date 2018-04-04 11:36:36.0 Views 183
Content □ Vaccination period: April 16, 2018 - May 05, 2018 (for 20 days)
▸Target for vaccination : Healthy dogs 3 months or more old
▸Vaccination fee
- Registered dogs : 5,000 KRW per dog
(registration certificate must be presented)
- Dogs not registered : normal vaccine fee
- Dogs owned by receivers of national basic life guarantee, Mother-child family, Father-child family, Youth household heads, and visually impaired persons: Free vaccination (relevant certificate to be presented)
▸Place of vaccination : Animal clinics within jurisdiction
□ Inquiry on vaccination method and other matters
▸ Prevention of epidemics team, Food safety division, City Hall ☎031-8045-5423
▸ Life economy team, Welfare Culture division, each Gu (Ward) Office ☎031-8045-3356(Manan), 4356(Dongan))

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