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Title Prevention of Varicella and Mumps
Author admin
Date 2017-10-27 15:34:12.0 Views 164
Content □ Check immunization history
○ Chicken pox: ages 12~15 months
○ MMR (measles, mumps and rubella): ages 12~15 months and from four to six years
- Children age 12 and under eligible for free vaccination at public health centers and designated medical institutions.
□ Prevention of infectious disease
○ Practicing proper coughing manners to prevent infectious disease, hand washing for more than 30 seconds and complying with prevention procedures
○ If symptoms of chicken pox and other illnesses arise, a medical check-up and refraining from going to schooling are needed in case of confirmed diagnosis.
○ Frequently cleaning surfaces of toys and equipment at home, and periodically ventilating room air
□ Tel.: Health Department of Dongan-gu and Manan-gu (☎ 031-8045-4490~3492)

Group Procedure for Disease Prevention
○ First, wash hands frequently for more than 30 seconds using soap, and when coughing or sneezing, please cover your mouth and nose using tissues or sleeves rather than your hands.

○ Second, if you suspect catching an infectious disease, please contact your nearest medical institution immediately and avoid contact with other people.

○ Third, to prevent an epidemic, do not let those infected go back to school (or other crowded areas).
* Suspension period: (chicken pox) Isolation until all skin lesions are replaced with scabs
(Mumps) Isolation of up to five days after onset of mumps symptoms

○ Fourth, please wipe frequently used items such as nursery facilities, school items (e.g., nursery toys) and desks, and periodically ventilate room air.

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