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Title Sammakgol Village Gourmet Festival
Author admin
Date 2017-10-26 15:47:26.0 Views 290
Content □ Date and Time: Oct. 28 (Sat), 2017 / 15:00~21:00
□ Venue: Streets of Sammakgol Village (around Sammak street)
□ Highlights
- 1,000 bowl sharing event for Bibimbap made with area ingredients
- Tasting of Sammakgol's leading foods
- Farmers' market
- Experience for better eating habits (prevention of food poisoning and reduction of sodium)
□ Musical performances
- “Moderator” (Kim Myung-guk), “Becoming Dust” (Lee Yoon-su), North Korean singer No Soo-hyun
- Angelus Orchestra, Bad Girls (electric string quartet), Nanta and Pumba performance
□ Host: Anyang City Hall
□ Supervision: Sammakgol Village Restaurant Business Society

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