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Title Guide to 2017 Durumoa Sharing Flea Market
Author admin
Date 2017-09-07 13:25:49.0 Views 286
Content □ Operating period: Sept. 15 (Fri)~Oct. 20 (Fri.), 11:00 ~ 14:00
※ Closed in case of rain
□ Venue: Front yard of Dongan Health Department
□ No. of booths: 20 maximum
□ Allowable items: Used things (new products not allowed) such as stroller, clothes, toys and books for child delivery and rearing
□ Participating vendors
• Eligibility: Preferences given to Anyang households with infants and pregnant women
• How to apply: call (031-8045-4843)
• Recruitment: By order of arrival (first 20 applicants) from 9 a.m. on first working day in September and October
- If participating vendors are all recruited by order of arrival, this will be notified to the Health Center’s notice. • Required items on opening day: ID card, mat, items to be sold, bags
- Receipt of application to start 30 minutes earlier on opening day
One booth per vendor after completed application and verification of ID
□ Tel.: Maternal & Child Health Team, Dongan Health Department ☎ 031-8045-4843, 4846, 4400

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