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Myunghak Park

Myunghak Park was created as a part of the A-Plus Return project to give residents a place for relaxation. Myunghak Park was completely city-funded including the city’s purchase of the Livestock Hygiene Service Center land. It was originally owned by Do (Province) and promoted for a developmental profit project, but the civic organizations had been opposed to the development plan for the past 10 years and insisted on the formation of a park. The city bought the Myunghak Park land and subsequently opened it. The Myunghak Park land was created with the investment amount of about 2,400,000,000 won for an area of land 11,242㎡ in size from the Livestock Hygiene Service Center. It was selected as the most beautiful forest in the town forest section of “The 1st National Beautiful Forest Competition” hosted by the Ministry of Forestry in 2000 and has a dense forest packed with hundreds of trees, many older than 50 years. The shady forest provides people with a comfortable resting space. The significance of Myunghak Park is that it stopped the project for a developmental profit and created a park in a place where houses and schools are clustered together without a decent park, which offered the residents, students, and children a wonderful space to rest.

General Status
  • Address: 572 Anyang 8-dong, Manan-gu (Previously, Livestock Hygiene Service Center)
  • Area: 11,242㎡
  • Resting facilities: Artificial fountain etc. 7kinds 87units
  • Sports facilities: Foot acupressure site, outdoor weight machine
  • Play facilities: Play structure etc. 4kinds 6units
  • Garden trees: Artificial pine tree etc. 27species 51,687
  • Opening date: Jul. 23, 2009


  • Line no.1 Myunghak Station Exit no.1 15min on foot
  • Bus: 1, 5, 8-2, 11-2, 15, 15-2, 20, 35
  • bus: 350, 303, 333, 1303, 4425, 5530, 5623, 5624, 5531
  • Town bus: 10-1, 10-2
By car
  • Behind Anyang Venture Town around the Manan Gu Office crossroads in Anyang City
  • Myunghak Park1
  • Myunghak Park2
  • Myunghak Park3
  • Myunghak Park4