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Hotels and youth hostels

Hotel Samwon Plaza (www.samwonhotel.co.kr)

Hotel Samwon Plaza (www.samwonhotel.co.kr)
The Hotel Samwon Plaza is located in the downtown shopping district of 1 beonga and is a new style of first-class hotel that is optimal for business purposes.
The 75 guest rooms have a modern feel to them and were designed to provide a cozy resting place that is clean and professional. As such, the rooms are a space where the guest can rest in comfort. The service at the hotel is also friendly and each staff member does everything they can to make guests as comfortable as possible. Both the hotel and its staff help to make a guests stay leisurely, relaxing and comfortable.
  • Number of rooms : 75
  • Location : Manan-gu Anyang 1-dong 674-251
  • Phone : +82-31-448-6671

Hotel Sogno (www.sogno.co.kr)

Hotel Sogno (www.sogno.co.kr)
The region of Anyang is a central location in relation to Seoul. Also, the city of Anyang itself has historically been a resting place for Seoul and has been referred to as the “dynamic city” and “the city I want to live in”. Hotel Sogno is the remodeled version of the Growly Hotel and has given the old hotel a new life of refined taste and distinction. The hotel has developed a product and a service that impresses and satisfies the guests. The people who stay in the hotel are active in the central and southern parts of the area around the capital, such as Anyang, Gwacheon, Uiwang, Gwangmyeong, and Gunpo. The hotel provides these guests with a place to rest and a cultural hot spot. Hotel Sogno is a wonderfully convenient and stylish hotel that is dedicated to providing its guests with comfortable service.
  • Number of rooms : 50
  • Location : Manan-gu Anyang 6-dong 395-2
  • Phone : +82-31-441-1590

Koam Tourist Hotel (www.koamhotel.com)

Koam Tourist Hotel (www.koamhotel.com)
The Koam Tourist Hotel provides convenient access to anywhere in Seoul because it is in a central business location. The best boutique style of Gyeonggi province is evident on every floor and in each room of this business hotel each of which has its own uniquely themed interior. As such, guests at this luxury tourist and business hotel can select the room that suits their taste. The hotel is proud of its features and has a cheap price plus a staff that always does its best to make guests happy and comfortable.
  • Number of rooms : 40
  • Location : Manan-gu Anyang 6-dong 431-10
  • Phone : +82-31-445-6601

Central Tourist Hotel (www.central-hotel.co.kr)

Central Tourist Hotel (www.central-hotel.co.kr)
Our Central Tourist Hotel is located at exit 4 of Indeokwon Station on line 4 of the subway. We have first-class facilities and a comfortable atmosphere with professional and convenient service. We do our best to provide all of our guests with effortless, easy responses to their needs.
If you are a guest who likes to feel as comfortable as you do in your own home, then please come and stay with us at the Central Tourist Hotel.
  • Number of rooms : 52
  • Location : Dongan-gu Gwanyang 2-dong 1503-1
  • Phone : +82-31-423-2111

Anyang Blu Monte Resort & Youth Hostel (blumonte.amco.co.kr)

Anyang Blu Monte Resort & Youth Hostel (blumonte.amco.co.kr)
A new holiday destination in the city ...
The Anyang Blu Monte is a natural resort in a convenient location that is close to Seoul. In fact, Suwon and the Shindoshi (“new town”) can also be reached from the hotel within 30 minutes. As such, the hotel is a suitable, in fact optimal, location for group events. The Blu Monte is located in the midst of the area's natural beauty around Seoul and the Anyang Art Park (formerly, the Anyang Amusement Park), and so can provide rest in a natural setting. So, come and visit the Anyang Blu Monte Resort for a fun and relaxing time in a beautiful, natural setting.
  • Number of rooms : 44
  • Location : Manan-gu Seoksu 1-dong 241-43
  • Phone : +82-31-471-8113