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Athletic Parks

An athletic space located in Seoksu-dong, Manan-gu, Anyang-si in Gyeonggi-do provides city residents with a space for rest and athletic training.
The park is located next to a residential district and it includes athletic facilities (a baseball field, soccer field, basketball courts, an inline skate rink, badminton courts, a foot soccer court, and a futsal competition arena), different types of play equipment, and green spaces. We encourage residents to make full use of these facilities.

Summary of the facilities
  • Summary of the facilities
  • 1 baseball field, 1 soccer field, 2 basketball courts, 8 badminton courts, 1 inline skating rink, 1 futsal court
  • Children’s playground, an ecological pond, education in the forest, blood pressure reporting, health equipment, areas of planted greenery, walking paths
  • A parking area with 257 spots, bathrooms
Using the facilities
  • Eligibility to use : limited to city residents and companies located with the city
  • Usage fee : daylight hours – free, night – must pay (limited to the basketball and soccer fields)
  • Soccer field : weekdays 40,000 won, Sat. and holidays : 40,000 won
  • Baseball field : weekdays (during daytime) 40,000 won, (nighttime) 60,000 won, Sat. and holidays (daytime) 60,000 won, (nighttime) 80,000 won
  • Usage times : From March to October : 06:00 - 22:00, from Nov. to Feb. : 06:00 - 22:00
  • How to use
    • reservation days : 20 ~ 22nd of previous month (reception possible on Sat. and legal holidays)
    • how to make a reservation : visit the management office → turn in the application → receive your allocated day and time (group events receive first priority) → notify applicant
    • football field, baseball field, volleyball court (volleyball, futsal) : can be used after applying for a reservation
    • the basketball court, badminton court, inline skate rink : always open
    • group events (more than 100 people) will receive preferential treatment when making a reservation, if the planning form is attached
Administration Office
  • Anyang-si Facility Management Group, Athletic Facilities Operations Team, Seoksu Athletic Park (+82-31-8045-5286~9)

Phone inquiries about the Seoksu Athletic Park : +82-31-8045-5289~9