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Introduction to the Center

Anyang Multi-cultural Family Support Center was established on January 1, 2010 and has been operated by Industry-Academy Cooperation Group of Daelim University since January 1, 2012 for professional and systematic operation at 2nd Floor, Annexed Bldg., Dongan-gu Office, 158, Dongan-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang, the Center has always tried to provide marriage immigrants, international students and other foreigners with systematic and comprehensive services including Korean language education, social adjustment education, counseling, family education and employment training so that they can settle down in their local community stably.

Summary of the Center
  • Location : 2nd Floor, Annexed Bldg., Dongan-gu Office, 158, Dongan-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang
  • Size : 424.08㎡
  • Floor Info
    • 2F : Multi-cultural Family Support Center Office, Language Development Classroom, Child Care Information Sharing Room, Multipurpose Education Center
    • 3F : Main Education Hall, Small Education Hall
Main Multi-cultural Family Support Programs
  • Korean language education
    • Systematic Korean language classes are provided so that multi-cultural family members can learn the Korean language and understand our culture.
  • Visiting Education Service
    • Professional educators visiting with marriage immigrants and their children who have difficulty participating in collective education programs due to their financial difficulty and poor geographical accessibility to provide them with Korean language education and family life improvement services (such as parent and child education)
  • Language Development Support
    • The Center for support of multi-cultural family children's language development by evaluating their language development status and offering proper language education to those who have difficulty communicating with others.
  • Interpretation & Translation Service
    • The Center gives support to marriage immigrants to settle down in their local community and live better social lives as soon as possible, by helping them to communicate with others.
  • Family Integration Education
    • The Center provides multi-cultural families with education on the distribution of roles between family members and the understanding of family cultures.
  • Individual & Family Counseling
    • The Center supports marriage immigrants, hoping they live as a happy family by solving their family problems in advance through counseling.
  • Employment Training & Education Support
    • Basic competency for employment and Work Net registration.
  • Child Care Information Sharing Room
    • Child protection and care services are provided for the service hours.
  • Multi-cultural Family Volunteer Group
    • Multi-cultural family members who have successfully settled down in their local community act as volunteers.
  • Multi-cultural Family Self-supporting Group
    • Self-supporting groups organized by homeland support the exchange of living information and the promotion of good fellowship for the adjustment to their local community.
  • Local Community Network
    • Connected with local multi-cultural family support programs and service providers.
Contact No.
  • Multi-cultural Family Support Center ☎ 031-8045-5705~6