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What is a day care center?

What is a day care center?
  • “Day care” refers to caring for infants before they enter elementary school, and specifically to approved facilities that are up to legal standards. First, day care looks after the children of parents who both have jobs. Second, they provide educational services that are suited for the development of infants. Overall, day care facilities are places that practice family welfare and that support the social and economic activities of the family to make their activities smoother.
Types of day care centers
  • The types of day care centers are a reflection of the different principles that they were founded on. The first type includes national/public day care centers that were established by local, self-governing bodies or by the national government. Secondly, there are day care centers at the work place which were established at locations of work for the benefit of the workers. There are day care centers that were established by corporations, by individuals, or by a parents’ association. Finally, there are other types of day care centers as well, including those of 20 people or less that are on the first floor of apartment buildings.
Operating times for day care centers
  • Weekdays ==> 12 hours (07:30~19:30), Sat. 8 hours (07:30~15:30)
  • Extended time day care ==> day care centers that are operating an extended day care service are open until 24:00
  • 24-hour day care facilities can also be used depending on the situation (lifestyle in the day care center)
How can I use a day care center?
  • Verify your information with a nearby day care center (you can refer to the homepage for the Anyang day care center)
    • www.aycteducare.go.kr : child-care support > day care center search > select your region > search
  • Verify by phone that the center is available (there is a person assigned to each class)
  • Select a few of them and visit them for consultation and to see the facilities in person
  • At the dong citizen’s center, apply for the ‘love child card’ and the ‘social welfare services and allowance’
  • Enter the day care center designated after making sure you have made all the preparations necessary