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Greetings from the mayor

Declaration of Happiness and commitment to Anyang residents

From today, you are also mayor of Anyang.
All administrative powers of Anyang come from its residents, and the final decision maker of policies is the resident.

Respectful Anyang residents
And 1,800 Anyang city officials

As people elected Moon Jaein as a President last year to clean up old evils that are present in every corner of our society and to lead the era of peace and prosperity in Korea, Anyang residents elected me.

Thank you.

Since my election, I have realized my serious duties that are given by the residents as strict demands and that I made as precious promises to you.

However, I am so excited.
We will make Anyang a happy and great city together.

Dear residents
The 5 major campaign visions and the 17 policies that I promised will go on smoothly.

From the beginning, the residents will be involved. The whole process will be fair so that everyone can agree, and the results will contribute to the happiness of the residents.

First, we will create a city where residents are equal to the mayor. I will make Anyang a city of direct democracy where all the administrative information is made public and the residents participate directly in the municipal governing, and a city where community and resident-led culture and arts flourish.

Second, I will make Anyang a city that is highly supportive of a happy family life.
I will make Anyang a city which is safe and provides jobs for women, a city where people can raise a family comfortably, and a city which provides high quality of school education and lifelong education.

Third, I will work hard with the residents to make Anyang a place where everyone can live well.
I will make Anyang a business city where young people come in for jobs, an economic city where commercial areas flourish, a resident-led city where communities are actively engaging in every corner of streets, and a city where the disabled are taken good care of.

Fourth, we will make fine dust special measures to make Anyang a safe city for children and women, and a city where food safety is guaranteed.

Fifth, I will make Anyang a city where Manan and Dongan are developed evenly.
I will establish Anyang as a smart city that leads the 4th Industrial Revolution, a safe and convenient city running in all directions, a city that respects seniors, a city that takes care of dementia, and a fun city where people can enjoy weekends.

I don't think I can make those 5 visions and 17 policies happen alone.
Dear residents, please engage yourselves in the process. Please join us. Please support and advise me.

I will always listen to the voice of the residents with full attention and communicate with the residents.

I will always keep in mind what the residents want and do my best for the happiness of the residents of Anyang.

All the policies of Anyang will be actively managed, decided and evaluated by the residents.

All policies will be treated to be fair to every stakeholder, and all public officials will work hard with me for the happiness of residents.

Among the promises of the opposing candidates, we will actively adopt good measures to promote the happiness of residents.

City officials,
The organization will be stabilized, and promotion and evaluation will be fair.

I believe we will work together with innovative mindsets for the happiness of residents.

The officials and I are here only for the residents.

Let's work together to collect wisdom for the happiness of Anyang residents with new hope.

Respectful Anyang residents!
Now peace and prosperity are going to blossom in South and North Korea.

From now on, conflicts and factions will no longer exist in Anyang, and Anyang residents will communicate, interact, cooperate with each other in harmony.

I sincerely ask all of you to contribute your power and wisdom for the bright future of Anyang, a city where everyone is happy.

Thank you

Choi Dae ho, Mayor of Anyang, July 2018